IAM Local Lodge 2740 --------- Somerset, Maine
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Local Lodge 2740 --------- Somerset, Maine

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Benefits of The IAM William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center is only one of the great benefits the IAM has to offer. Here's a list of only a few classes you can enroll in at the center: Leadership 1 & 2, Advanced collective bargaining, Advanced leadership, Collective bargaining, Arbitration program, High Performance Work Organization, Train the Trainer. IAM pension fund is yet another great benefit. Over 1,500 contributing employers. Over 57,000 retirees & beneficiaries. Over 80,000 participating members. Over $5.8 billion in net assets. Guaranteed benefits after 5 yrs. of vesting service. An unreduced retirement benefit available at any age after 30 years of service. An unreduced pension benefit at 62 with 20yrs. service. A monthly pension based on your employees contribution rates and your length of service. Spouse protection in the event of your death. Guide Dogs of America is yet a wonderful benefit founded through donations by the IAM in 1948. There is no government funding for this program. IAM Trust Fund looks out for your health by providing higher levels of health care coverage at a lower cost. Union members rights are one of the most important reasons for joining the IAM. We have many rights, too many to list here but check out goiam.org under members advantages.

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